When your home’s plumbing isn’t working properly, it can be unbearable.  And the expense to have a plumber out to your home is enough to make you nauseous.  You don’t have to struggle with plumbing problems anymore.  One call to Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company, can take care of most of your common plumbing needs – without the obnoxious expense. Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement You have a sink of dishes and that’s the moment your garbage disposal decides to break. Insert migraine headache here!  But not anymore!  With one call to Matgen Property Solutions, we will have your garbage disposal back up and running in no time.  We can quickly access the malfunction, and work to fix or replace the unit so you are back to a fully working kitchen without the stress. Establishing the cause of a malfunctioning garbage disposal can be done in a few, easy steps.  First, we check to make sure the power connection has not been interrupted.  The garbage disposal, like most appliances in your kitchen, is connected by a power cord that, if overloaded, can be tripped and shut off.  Testing the reset button can sometimes indicate whether or not power is being received to the garbage disposal. If the garbage disposal is humming or making a banging noise, it could be jammed or have a broken or faulty blade.  Let Matgen Property Solutions safely disconnect your garbage disposal unit and inspect the blades. Depending on the year of your garbage disposal, it might be time to upgrade the unit.  Motors and blades wear out over time.  Matgen Property Solutions can dispose of your old unit and install your new garbage disposal in no time flat.  Whenever your garbage disposal decides to break – call your local handyman company,Matgen Property Solutions, to get you back up and running without the headache. Slow and Clogged Drains Are slow and clogged drains getting you down?  Don’t mess with that grimy, messy cleanout.  One call to Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company, and your slow and clogged drains will be gone!  Slow and clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners complain about.  Over time, soap, hair, grease, fat, and certain household cleaning products will build up a layer of gunk and grime along the inside of your sink pipes.  When this happens, your water will drain slower or even clog altogether.  Many people will rush out to purchase standard drain cleaning chemicals but often find those don’t eliminate the problem. The sure-fire way to fix any slow or clogged drain is to remove any debris that can be clogging the drain.  Once we know for sure the drain is clear, we can follow by using a balance of vinegar and baking soda for homeopathic treatments, or a degreasing chemical to break down the residual buildup around the surface of the pipes.  This will have the water draining quickly and properly and extending the life of your pipes. When you experience slow or clogged drains, call Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company, and get your pipes flowing again! Toilet Repair and Replacement With proper maintenance, toilets are strong, and made to last, through even the busiest of households.  Eventually, everyone will be faced with toilet troubles.  When your LOO just won’t DO, call Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company.  We will get the rush back in your flush! Your toilet can fall victim to a number of issues.  The good news is, most are a quick and easy fix when you call Matgen Property Solutions. Toilet will not flush You know, as soon as you go to flush your toilet and you get that all too familiar panic surge when the toilet will not drain. If your toilet won’t flush or is flushing but won’t completely drain, it could be:
  • A clog
  • Low water in the tank
  • Broken lift chain
  • Faulty flapper or fill value
  • An issue with your toilet handle
  • A blockage or issue with your drain line
When to know if you need to replace your toilet Most problems you will encounter with your toilet CAN be repaired, but there are some clear signs to look for to know when it might be time to replace your toilet with a new one. Replace your toilet if: There is a crack in the porcelain. Cracks might appear as thin as hairline cracks or they might appear as the porcelain chipping away.  Cracks can appear on the tank of the toilet or even the base.  Regardless of how they appear, when you begin to see cracks in the porcelain – it’s time for a new toilet.  Believe it or not, sometimes cracks might be hard to notice.  If you start to see small drops or puddles of water around the base or collecting on the floor toward the back of the toilet, you may have a hidden crack or the wax sealing may need replacing.  Call Matgen Property Solutions and we can do a thorough inspection of your system to identify the crack or determine if the wax seal is the cause of the leak. Constantly running toilet The never-ending churning of water.  We’ve all heard it.  We jiggle the handle.  We put more water in the tank.   We may get the problem to stop for a short while, but before you know it – it’s back again.  A constantly running toilet is not only annoying, but it’s mostly as well.  A constantly running toilet signals that water is continuously being cycled through the tank.  This leads to the irritating noise and increased water bills!  Yep – that running toilet is wasting water and money!  The typical cause for a toilet that won’t stop running is a flap that will not seal properly.  If the flapper seal does not close with proper suction, the flap will bounce open, causing the toilet to cycle water over and over. You can try and replace the flapper itself, but if that does not work, you will need to replace the entire unit. Never-ending clogs Clogs are a common plumbing issue that every household must endure.  But if your toilet is clogging more frequently than not or if your toilet works better with a 2 flush process, it is time to invest in a better toilet. Toilet won’t flush – at all! Sure, there are many reasons a toilet might suddenly stop working.  We talked about some of those causes earlier.  But if you have a toilet that is simply not working and you have ruled out the most common causes – it looks like it’s time to get a new toilet.  I know, it might be hard to break up with your commode.  And we’ll do everything in our power to ensure it is not just a part that can be replaced.  We will even hold your hand as you say goodbye to your old throne.  But in the end, some seats can just not be repaired.  When it comes to that, Matgen Property Solutions will be there to professionally install your new toilet and have you back to ruling the bathroom in no time flat! Drain Pipe Maintenance As hard as you try, drain build-up is unavoidable. Even with the best precautions, grease and grime will build up in your drains and cause drains to slow or even clogs. Periodically running maintenance on your drains will help your home run at full efficiency.  If you start to see slow or clogged drains in your kitchen or bathroom – call Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company. We will access your drains to see if there are areas of build-up or blockages.  We will work to clear the problem and perform maintenance to break up and residual grime build-up that could cause another clog. Matgen Property Solutions is your local handyman company and can handle most of your common household plumbing needs. Call today!  


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