When you are looking for carpentry services near you, look no further than Matgen Property Solutions.  We are your local handyman company that can handle all of your carpentry needs.  Decking repairs, railings, shelving – if you can think it – we can do it!  Whether you need a new desk put together for your home office or looking to have custom built-in bookshelves added to your family room – Matgen Property Solutions is your call to get it done.

Front Door Replacement

The front door is the smile of your home.  Don’t let an unsightly or rickety front door be the forefront of your castle.  Let Matgen Property Solutions replace your front door to add appeal to your home facade and security for your family.  Old doors or doors that were not fitted properly can be an invitation to break-ins and could be costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy.  Matgen Property Solutions is your local handyman company and can install a new door with the proper fittings and installation to enhance both your security and the energy efficiency of your home.

Storm Door Replacement

You don’t have to live with that old, rusty storm door banging closed every time someone comes and goes. Matgen Property Solutions provides experienced and professional storm door replacement on any make or model.  We can custom fit a new storm door, replace warped or rotted framing, install new trim and installation around the door and even custom fit locks seamlessly across all access points around your home.  Call Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company for all your storm door installation and repair needs.

Shelf Assembly and Installation

It’s all about the storage in a home!  Adding shelving can upgrade, not only the aesthetic appeal of your decor but enhance your storage options.  The right shelves can eliminate clutter, add dimension to your interior design, and create functional, yet beautiful storage pieces that are timeless in style.  Whether you are looking to add small shelves in your bathroom or a large built-in unit to an accent wall; Matgen Property Solutions can handle it all.  Did you find the perfect shelves already, but just need help with their installation?  Call Matgen Property Solutions today!  Not really sure what you need? Matgen Property Solutions can custom-build shelving units to fit your style and needs.  Transform your home today with custom shelving or shelf installation from Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company.

Local Deck Repair

Love to entertain, but embarrassed by the condition of your deck?  Over time, the heat, cold, ice, snow, and rain break down the integrity of your deck, leaving you with warped, rotting, and damaged boards.  These boards don’t maintain their strength and could become hazardous if not replaced properly.  Let Matgen Property Solutions help breathe life back into your deck.  We can repair loose, warped, split, and damaged boards without having to replace your entire deck.  This not only extends the life of your deck but saves you thousands of dollars in the process.  Plus, we can stain your deck to revive its color so it will look brand new!  Enjoy the outdoors again with superior deck repair from Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company.

Railing Installation and Repair

Wobbly, squeaky, or shaky railings need attention right away!  Without the proper stabilization, these railings could give way, leading to falls and serious injury.  Matgen Property Solutions is your first call for all local railing installation and repair needs.  We can add stability bracing to your current railing or install a new railing to change the look of your home.  We will ensure that not only are all your railings safe and up to code, but the highest quality workmanship and design as well.  We don’t want your home to just be functional; we want it to impress as well!

Trim Molding Installation and Repair

One of the quickest and elegant ways to upgrade a room is to add trim molding.  Trim moldings will give your walls an elevated look with their elegant touch.  The best part of incorporating trim moldings into your interior decor is how versatile they can be.  And with so many different styles, the possibilities are endless!  Take your walls from boring to extraordinary with custom trim molding installation from Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

A leaking or worn fascia can allow moisture to creep in and cause costly damage to, not only your attic, but shorten the life of your roof.  That moisture can cause mold to grow in your attic and compromise the air quality of your home.  Matgen Property Solutions can repair or replace your cracked or damaged soffit and fascia and protect your home from wood rot.  Years of hard rain, snow, and excessive moisture can cause traditional soffits and fascia to rot and crack, allowing water to get in where it’s not supposed to.  The longer you leave areas in which water can get it, the more damage it will cause over time.  When moisture gets trapped underneath your soffit, it soaks into the wood and, over time, weakens and rots the wood away.  This also attracts insects that can burrow in the wood and behind the siding.  Call Matgen Property Solutions, your local handyman company, to get your soffit and fascia repaired and protect your home from damaging weather.

Local Fence Repair

Is your fence damaged, rotten, or falling apart?  Do you have slats that are missing or broken?  Or does your fence just look old and outdated?  Whatever the shape your fence is in, Matgen Property Solutions can help restore it to look brand new!  We can replace or repair broken and rotten slats.  Add a new stain or paint color to your fence to reinvigorate the look of your entire property!  We can even fix the locks and closures on your fence doors for additional security.  Whether you are looking to update your fence for aesthetic appeal or maintain your fence for privacy, your local handyman company, Matgen Property Solutions, can help with all your fence repair needs.

"Gene recently installed a custom closet in my townhouse and he did an amazing job. He's a true craftsman. He's organized, trustworthy, and does great work. I will definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a handyman."

Greg Incollingo

"Eugene has extensive experience in all the trades, which makes him a really good handyman. He can tackle any project. He comes highly recommended from anyone who has used him. Great attention to detail."

Bill Wellen

"Eugene is thorough and always goes the extra mile for the customer."

Ric Edwards

"Gene is a homeowners best friend! Whether it is the honey do list I don't have enough time for or just random work that needs to be done I can always rely on Gene to get out and do a fantastic job with great attention to detail. If you need this kind of work done on your home, look no further and reach out to Gene!"

Ryan Miller

"Gene helped us with several fix up projects after we moved in to our new home. He is reliant, thorough, meticulous and fair. We highly recommended Gene for your home handyman needs. "

John and Marina Arcana

"Gene Dychdala is a dependable, talented craftsman who takes a genuine interest in every project he undertakes, regardless of the size or scope. I have used Gene at my place of work and at my home on numerous occasions. I have always come away satisfied and pleased with the quality and timeliness of his work. The best reference you can give a contractor is to recommend that person to a friend or business acquaintance. Without hesitation, I heartily endorse Gene Dychdala."

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